Are Your Emotions Taking the Lead?


I just want to recap a little bit about emotions because i have spoken about these in previous episodes so they are the feelings that we experience and they can either be intense or mild. And if we aren't consciously monitor this process almonds end up taking the lead should just have to think about situations. Maybe over the past week or two. Do you feel like your emotions have been kinda of taking river and taking the lead almost like when said laid assaulted thinking about my dog then and taking my dog for a walk. And it's almost like so if you'll say walking a dog you've got the lead like is the dog pulling you or a you the one. That's walking the dog and controlling the direction etc. So that's how is just kind of thinking about with what your emotions are like a your emotions walking you or a you. Walking them interesting to think about it like that hurt. That analogy was help for just randomly came up with any and with emotions again. This is one of the things that i helped my clients really understand about themselves and how we can dig dig deeper into understanding how they feel about an event so that sarah motions versus they respond to event. So that's the behavior and this can dramatically change your

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