UK records seven fatalities after AstraZeneca jab


Britain's medicines regulator is urging people to continue taking the AstraZeneca Corona virus vaccine despite revealing that seven people in the UK have died from rare blood clots after getting the jab. Sarah Bassett has more. The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency says it wasn't clear of the shots of causing the carts and that reviews is still ongoing. Theeighties Insee identified 30 cases of rare blood clots events out of 18.1 million AstraZeneca doses and maintains the risk is very small concerns over the AstraZeneca vaccine has already prompted some countries, including Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands. To restrict its use to older people. The UK, which has rolled out Corona virus vaccines faster than other European nations, is particularly reliant on the AstraZeneca vaccine, which was developed by scientists at the University of

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