A highlight from Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget w/Sarah St John


Are i realized given boys and girls. We are back with another episode of the authority projects. In i imperial minute friend. Sarah saint john here. she is here. she says to help us build a business on a bootstrap budget. Is that right. Sarah that is right. Well we shall. We shall see on this current episode of the authority project. All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast your eyes. M tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they've built authority airfield. And how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting clients to your own business now without further ado bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold. Alright we back. You are the project and we wanna slept with thirty to your name. Even sell more of what you agree. That is the ability project. Show here and i am honored to have sarah john here helping us. You the super helping you build a business on a bootstrap budget. I am excited to have her on the show talking about this. How you doing today sarah. I'm doing good what about you i am. I'm doing okay kenny. This can be some snow tomorrow. But we'll see what happens. Yeah what. I'm in dallas texas in it snowing a lot here which is unusual. Yes that is very unusual. Hope everybody's okay in stay safe over there but we have some work to do but before we dive in before we dive in. Please tell tell us who you are personally and professionally sure. Yeah so. I'm sarah say john. I live in dallas texas. As far as personally i guess i don't have any kids yet but i have a dog a little pug named otis. He's a cutie and as far as professionally. Well i've been an entrepreneur. Since i would say started in two thousand eight. I had six different jobs that year. Not at the same time but over the course of the year and realize that i didn't really like working for other people in wanted to start my own business and so i started photography business because i like taking photographs but i realize while while i like taking photos of people are no animals architecture landscapes. I didn't like taking photos of people. But that's where the money was. I was doing weddings and portrait's but the bigger issue actually was the expense to maintain equipment. And so i decided to try an online business model. But wasn't sure what i wanted to do so i tried a bunch of different things like drop shipping affiliate marketing blogging. And it was through the course of that that process that i discovered all these really free or affordable tools and

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