A highlight from #445 Are You Not Embarrassed?


How you doing how you feed it. Great amazing good to know it. The first time check of the chevy youtube to do may choice like but his subscribe and of course lied carbon damn below debut more than a pre shade. And if it's your first time tuning into show via the poor please make sure you leave. Me is firestone review via wherever you platform you listen to the your versus causes apple of his boyfriend wherever you can use it make sure you slap in a little five star review for your boy that will help to go the show to spreading long way from the right way to go. You know where to go and of course. Bonus episodes of the show are available via patron at patriots cautious agostino as patron conflict as a g. o. s. h. o. Jump on day get involved support a day one bonus show sometimes to a week so getting day get involved on the lay gave them patriots today. So house do what's up. what's up. Hope you're well wherever you may be I'm currently on the mend. Well as can be as you can probably tell from the sound of my voice. My sinuses have erupted law whooped five or so days maybe a week which is to be expected considering the change in seasons but i have a feeling the love it the severity of it now has some way to do with the fact. I've been in those this time right. We obviously living under lockdown. We're living in panoramic times some show my immune system which is usually coming under clinton attack from being on the central line on the bus attending a nightclub right just being outside in london day to day. You definitely have your immune system tested more so in a rigorous fashion and it would do again being holed up at her. Have lockton in place trying to prevent yourself from catching a deadly virus. Up may result in using limb. Some showed some of the consequences of it has been the fact that my sinuses now erupted way. I've never really had it in a long time. So please excuse the bunged sound of my voice or whatever may be hey you could have to bear with whatever i can present at this given moment. And hopefully as time progresses the week goes by game origin might lungs and shit stuff stuff out of the free up a bit a bit better than before. But hey we already. We are apart from that was has been going on baghdad Movies movies movies over the weekend. I washed alien aliens. Actually the sequel for the first time in four from beginning to end which was pre decent More than these um actually Especially when you consider how long it goes filmed the effects on the greatest but the actual story itself how it come. Hold your attention for out even though you must often do not know what's going to happen you to the references in pop culture. may be washing machines era their sub ingrained in our cultural lexicon is pre easy to kind of piece together where the story is going to go but yeah my what a captivate movie really to and of course i'll say probably better. This is coming from somebody. Who's a non horrifying. you'd probably. It's probably not scare. Some people used to in terms of horrible me is probably up there. So it's why void that john ruled together. But i found alien really enjoying in re enjoyable. Sorry to say so. That was good. Lou watch then. Of course. I caught up on welby episode free now of line of jewelry and after same and i'm disappointed is not that great. I'm not sure if it's something to do with you again older and then just seeing stuff note what i guess. Maybe it's a. It's a condition of the fact. I'm watching seventy other. Tv series especially from europe. Right we go stuff like hunger dodge spiral from franz which is maybe one of the best if not best cop drama in this genre with sheltered out of a. It's definitely up. They were stuff like you know The shield or the wire. So maybe when you compare Drivers is it doesn't really come to pob. I still maintain the first three seasons of iwo. Maybe some of the best tv. I've ever watched tons of dramas like uptodate a writing The acting the pace the plots flipping in the twist and turns throughout the entire finger. Epic epic epic. Epic was so far this season. Even the accident. Say who's the guest. Soccer guess actors of the latest was in blue empire right knock knock mistress of her name but she's at the moment and it just isn't that great. I don't know what is about. Just not the best thing. Maybe it's because there's many you know again known spoiler nobody's gonna revealed deploy don't wanna watch it but there's no as many deaths as they were in previous seasons They're all very much. Does all of really epic like revelations or twist in the story Arifin kosov like it's it's like they're kind of dragged me out especially once day. I think we we should've. I should've known line of judy was not going to be disabled. Before or at the same level it was prior when they reveal that the you know this kind of an enigmatic mysterious figure would hate shoe. Everyone's trying to uncover the was who was kind of behind the whole. I'm ben cope assaulting when in light of ge when they made it. No it wasn't one peasant and it was like a series of people or a conglomerate or for people represented on if the banner what every may be. That's what i should have known. It was going off the rails since then they've just been long out and it kind of feels like a bit to me like i'm jay member prison break. The first two seasons of prison break were like great and in once he started to go back in back in prison again. It just garbage shit. Same feeling get a lot of jewelry. There's no rhyme or reason why they should have longed out this far along by. Guess because you know it kind of god. The bill coach status in defenders miss a great way to get people to come back into watching the bbc day to day. 'cause oh wait a week. I guess on a week by week basis because he was going to check out.

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