A highlight from Lack Of Homes For Sale, Stop The Insanity! (Part 2)


One. And we're back julie. Welcome to april sixteenth. We're going to pick up where we left off yesterday. And the topic is are you part of the indus inventory shortage out. It's time for you to learn how to become the cure. So this is a topic obviously the everybody and their brother and their sister and their uncle your aunt or talking about it served the omnipresent never ending buzz and real estate that there's no homes for sale but we're about to share with all of you guys today there homes for sale. They're just not in the places that you're looking and there are there are potentially millions and millions of homes. That can come for sale if you stop being part of the problem. We're going to walk you through. It's mostly a mindset exercised. Today i think And then as we go through this. I want you to. Really try to be introspective about what you might be doing to sort of create your own inventory shortage. And i'll give you a step on mrs harris points. Oh enjoy walking today so but it is fascinating when you talk to agents agents have this mindset issue that they don't wanna put somebody's house for sale because that's somebody might not be able to find a house for sale or just variants of that so a lot of the times. The problems that you guys are having your real estate businesses in the lack of inventory could be cured with some good old fashioned skills now before we get to the next point all you guys.

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