Economic terms by the pandemic that Overheating


Of innocence? The economy overheating, getting too good too fast. We're putting, you know trillions of dollars into it over $5 trillion in spending throughout the course of the pandemic now, potentially another few trillion on infrastructure at the same time that the economy is recovering on its own. Just because of where we're at in this pandemic. Is that a concern Um not. Not immediately. If we added a million jobs a month for the next eight nap months, we'd get back to where we were pre pandemic, So we're gonna have to run really hot out and granted, the economy was hot. Pre pandemic. We had a record low unemployment rate, You know, wages were going up and the economy was definitely on much more solid and sustainable path towards growth. I think policymakers both whether they're federal officials, President Congress or whether they're at the Federal Reserve. Are worried about the longer term scarring that's taken place over the past year about how some people have been driven out of the labor force particular women how people of color have disproportionately been effective, both in health and in economic terms by the pandemic that Overheating in the classical sense, um, may not occur the way people expected to. Yes, we could see big bumps and inflation because we're coming off a

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