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David David, please. This is not done necessary. I think they're planning on doing traditional is you know they're going to do Jingle Bells and And sleigh bells ring. Are you listening? And all of that? So this is the kind of thing that I should be excited about. And because I'm not that should tell you, David, you should not be doing This thing, and it's such a It's such a spinal tap thing. It's I can just picture the band sitting around going, You know, Christmas music because always money and Christmas music. Patrick Schwarzenegger. Son of Arnold. Says his his father, Arnold cannot resist saying his own movie taglines. All of the time I had, Patrick said. He can't leave the room without turning around and saying I'll be back. You know, it's just Yeah. And you could you could picture this embarrassing Patrick, but at the same time you're Arnold Schwarzenegger. You don't have to do that, do you? By the way, you should follow Arnold Schwarzenegger on Social media. Because he has He's funny. And he has these miniature donkeys. Yes, as pets that, like live in his house House. It's because that to me they're like dogs.

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