Nets' Aldridge Retires at 35 Due to Irregular Heartbeat


Said breaking news in the nba so oddly out of nowhere after trade after he's released and signed as a free agent or trade average aldridge played five games. The brooklyn nets is announced retiring from the nba effective today and he's wrote a letter out on twitter. He says my last game. I played while dealing with an irregular heartbeat later on that night. My rhythm got even worse. Which really worried me. Even more the next morning. I told the team what was going on and they were great. Getting me to the hospital in getting me checked out though. I'm better now. What i felt that night with my heart. That night was still one of the scariest things i've ever experienced that being said i've made the decision to retire from the nba. Fifteen years put basketball. I and now it's ten health and family. I amen good for him. That old make you retire real. Let me take somebody comes to the heart and the rest of it near regular and feeling uncomfortable Good not good for him that he went through that but that he was able to get that reminder before something more severe happens that makes sense fifteen years. He's had a hell of a career you know. When the when spurs let him go and requests it nowadays person there. Yup yeah obviously that it was and of course. Thank portland ray talked about. How what kinda impact he'd make but the this is very good smart decision. Five games then playing the center position for them and averaging thirteen points a game like it was good pig. What made them and now. They've got they're making a difference. But you know what you're after fifteen years and he made thirty five years old makes great statement. I've given myself basketball for fifteen years priority. It's time to make health priorities. Had a hell of a run That's nothing to toy with and there should be not one soul the says. My gosh that can health condition is far more important than the ring that he may or possibly could want. It does not matter.

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