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The most in Florida and Texas, with major city seeing increases of about 50% from February to March and on the APP, a place for Rover bookings are the highest in a year. Bloomberg Sarah McBride says looser virus restrictions and vaccines have helped people who have dug they're finally getting out about and they need somebody to either walk their dog or take care of their dogs. Will they go away for a few days? Rover expects revenue to double this year and Wag CEO is also expecting more growth. People didn't adopt dogs previously because they were so busy going toe work, so it stands to reason that the same people now have to start going back to the Office. There will be a lot more demand for these maps from the Bloomberg newsroom. I'm Jessica Summers on w T. O P just ahead on. W T o P. A vigil is held for the victims lost in the country's latest mass shooting as authorities try to determine the motive in the FedEx rampage. In Indianapolis. Demonstrators take to the street in cities across the country, demanding an end to deadly police shootings and a scaled down remembrance as Britain says goodbye to Prince Phillip.

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