Gina And Boehner discussed on Radio From Hell


We need to go now, but it's always nice to talk to him next week. I hope Thank you, Mayor. That was great. Have a good week. Talk to you next week. Traffic, please. Do you know the last check of traffic? Yeah. I just want to tell you about an overnight closure. You might need to be aware of I d for exit. 1 15. This is upto headed for maybe that's part of your commute. I don't know from nine P.m. on Saturday. Until Sunday morning. They're doing a bridge demo during the closure. Drivers continues the on and off ramps at exit 1 15 as a detour. He needed more information and go to the u dot website for that tow truck. Let's see. That's probably out of the way now. But this is an issue on Riverdale Road at 11th West and whether affecting traffic up and down the Wasatch Front. Just make sure you give yourself some space between you and the car in front of you and turn your lights on. Please. That is much appreciated. And that is traffic, not Gina. You mean when you say they're doing a bridge demo? They're not demonstrating how everything works here. What you do is you start on this side familiar with bridges? Yeah. Have you ever seen a bridge? No, They're demolishing the bridge. Okay? We will take a break. We will be back with Boehner fights and all of that on the way standby ran life dot com. You know, I've

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