An Undermanned Lakers Leads to a 40 Point Score For Jaylen Brown


Well and and tonight heading in the Celtics were a six-point favorite according to oddsshark in terms of where they would come out and they and they certainly covered there. They wanted the game bike game. Eight. So if you pick the Celtics in this one that I guess you came out on top of it, but the Celtics came in as the favorite we thought the Celtics would win this game and they really came out firing. I mean the big problem was Jaylen Brown through most of the of the night. I mean we finish up with 40 points. He's the guy they turned to when when things start to get close in the fourth, he came back and scored a couple of buckets and I look at this as as two things off for one. Jaylen Brown is is just a good player. But the second thing is the Lakers just didn't have anybody to put on him. I mean the the guys you would probably turns you would include Anthony Davis LeBron James Markieff Morris all of them sidelined and then you don't even have Andre Drummond to meet him at The Rim when he's driving and he took advantage of I mean credit to Jaylen brown, but I think a lot of this game was just sick of how many guys the Lakers have out injured right now.

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