The Rock Seems Serious About Bid for President: ‘I Do Have the Goal to Unite Our Country’


Yeah, from everything I can tell. Uh, Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Is, uh Just he seems like a straight ahead. Kind of guy. Uh, e. Don't find anything in him too particularly dislike. He seems charming. It seems pretty smart. He's kind of he's kind of outrageously an outlandishly an almost impossibly large, Yeah, especially that in all ways that leg situation just recently. And I mean, even like like his smile when he flashes his smile. It's huge. Uh, but At the same time. I really don't want him to be president of the United States. I just don't think it's a lot of boring smart people to be president. I'm tired of tourists deciding that they can be president. Well. It's it, but now you see he's seriously, I think. Exploring this idea. He's he's gradually getting it into his enormously large cranium. That maybe he could do it that maybe he could become president. And if he could become president? Well, why not? Why not to leave the country like the rock would lead the country? He says. I will do what the American people want. In the preview of an upcoming Sunday Today with Willie Geist interview the 48 year old actor reveals that he's open to running for president. I do have the goal to unite our country, he says. Stop right there. Yeah, it is not your job to unite the country. Dwayne. I also feel that if this is what the people want Then I will do that. People want you to make movies. That's what the people well, I'm afraid I'm afraid, Jeana. That you're wrong that the people might want him to be president. He has just said he could get elected. If you ran, but hey, won't run for a very long time. You won't run until his knees give out because he could make too much money jumping off of buildings and things you know for the movies. Who's not going to say goodbye to that being president. It will be when you know when his legs are bad or something I don't know. I don't know. Carrie. There's the, uh, the the allure of the presidency of being the most powerful man in the world. I can Even if my knees air There are two bad right now. I could serve for 48 years. My knees is still be okay. Could go jump off buildings after that. I don't know. I just It just makes me feel creepy to even the thought of it.

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