A highlight from Howie Mandel: Passion Overcoming Pain


You are listening to inside of you with michael rosenbaum high. I hope you're doing well. It's it's not been an easy week for me. try to be positive So i know a lot of you are having maybe a tough week time. Maybe you're having a great time. I hope you are so ryan hate to throw this on yet but I gotta put my doggy down. Yeah i gotta. I gotta preserved herb down. It's it's the hardest decision i've ever made. And you know I based it on two things. One quality of life his quality of life he can. He can't walk and if he does he just dragging he can't. I have to hold him up to go to the bathroom to poop You could hear him wining His life just not great. It's it's bad. I don't like it. I don't think it's fair number two There's no getting better. He's only going to get worse. He's only a decline. Doctors are like this only get worse and worse and worse than i just hate washing like this. He was such a vivacious creature ran around in jumped on people and and just was so full of life. And it's just like his existence other than me hugging him and feeding him shit. So i had my friends sheera come over and sheer has a big She's vaccinated story. I'm vaccinated too. So you mock getting getting there. But she came over. And and i thought she was gonna no. He's he's he's always like you know trying to save dogs and she was like it's time and i was like. Oh wow. she didn't even hesitate called everybody in phnom having someone come to the house this doctor who my friend. Alex recommended Comes the house and it just sweet as hell and it's a nice service and they take the dog and you know you get the ashes and stuff and It's overwhelming in mike. But you just an e sometimes you look oh wait a minute. He's having a better day today and then he has its back and forth like you know and i go well. Can i change it if the day if she was absolutely. If you decide you you could change. I'm thinking oh my god. Let's push wednesday. Let's push the thursday. Let's push you know what let's give it another week. I'm not gonna do that. I think it's time it's just not fair. And you know my grandpa irv died at ninety four years old and irv really is ninety four years old. He's thirteen plus which is in dog years. What's thirteen times. Seven is ninety one plus bad six months of before we got him when he was six months. So you know it's like I'm just hoping you know my grandfather will see irv. Wherever they are ago my grandfather curve can talk the dog. Say what the hell is this. What are you doing here. He said that her. What is he doing already. What do i g name. Irvy's he's supposed to wait. Till i die a full you name your dog after me but Anyway it's a tough. Thanks so i wanted. And i want to say thank you so many hundreds and hundreds of messages all across the boards of just you know just kind words and they know how much i love my patrons. I love you i love you. Thank you for all of them. You know like sweet mma sassy. Mary said i'll be sending you extra loving vibes You say goodbye to are blanche. Some extra eleven. She'll miss him to remember sassine. Mary loves you. And i thought that was really kind Kelly stevenson just sending you words of encouragement or means the world to you praying for you you grieve of loss So i got a lot of messages and it was It was really sweet Leeann thank you. Thank you to everybody emily. I mean i could. There's a list that i can go on and on but It was really. It's nice to see people you're saying. Hey because people you know they go through this. Have you gone through. Have you lost had put down. A dog only talked about this before We drove that's right. One time in delhi had to pretend dogs but this rough man. I'm sorry yeah he's just family. I'm having like a a service where people come over on sunday and they just about urban. Just give them a hug. And and then monday we do it so i'm going to spoil in this weekend. Give him anything. he wants. Ice cream and But it's time man unless there's some miracle ori wakes up. He is a newer So anyway i've it's been tough. But and i also want to say sorry rob robert brandenburg. Peggy's coffee in texas. Where i get my coffee for not saying your name at the end of each show all the top tier patrons. I say their names and a for some reason. I didn't so i'm gonna blame. Bryce bryce fisher. You're listening you son of a patch. Now you know. Also thank you mercy on air. Ele sent me a a nice note and sent me in a trilogy of alien of all these pictures of the movies from alien the alien trilogy. It's actually more than a trilogy. If it's how many trilogies three isn't it let's three welsh. There was six movies. Wasn't there so whatever thank you. It's awesome Listen we had a great podcast today. Before i do of course up just asking if you here for how howie and You've never listened the podcast before it'd be really awesome it. He subscribed on youtube. It's free and apple podcasts. Spotify you can do that. You can go to youtube ryan

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