Biden Administration Will Not Require COVID-19 Vaccine Passports, White House Says


Proof will be required for entry. But while schools and businesses may want some documentation, the idea of a vaccine passport is not going to be mandated by the federal government, at least, according to White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. The government is not Now, nor will we be supporting system that requires Americans to carry a credential. There will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination. Credential. She did say their concern was with protecting Americans. Privacy colleges like Rutgers, Duke Brown Cornell are requiring students to get vaccinated. Cruise lines like Norwegian and American Queen Steamboat will require all guests and staff to be vaccinated. The MBA announced last week, a partnership with a comedy called Clear, which has developed a health pass AP Clear says it offers covert symptoms surveys but also a way to store test and vaccine data. The Miami Heat has started allowing fully vaccinated people who can prove it. Sit in two sections closer to the court. They still have to wear masks. Last week, the Mets announced they'd also be using clears health passed to confirm a fan's negative covert tests before game attendance. MGM Resorts is also partnering with clear, as is Las Vegas Sands Corporation. And, of course, as you might imagine, the airlines are considering all of this to their trade group. The IA Thia says they've been working on a travel pass. Different countries have different covert restrictions before entering. And while New York was the first state to create a so called vaccine passport with the Excelsior past other states are interested. Hawaii is partnering with clear and the Commons Project Foundation on digital vaccine authentication. IBM is also working on a digital health past using Blockchain technology. So is all of this A good idea. Is it legal? Should we be calling this

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