Rights Experts Sound Alarm Over Uganda's 'Brutal' Election Crackdown

UN News


To uganda. Where independent you and appointed rights experts on tuesday condemned the killing of more than fifty people by brutal policing methods linked to national elections held in january in an appeal to the authorities to end the ongoing suppression of political opposition including the use of live ammunition without warning. The experts also called on them to reveal the whereabouts of political opponents taken into detention. Several thousand people have been arrested and allegedly tortured before appearing military courts. The experts said while relatives often do not know their fate or whereabouts highlighting the case of prominent opposition leader known as bobby wine. The experts said that placing him under arbitrary house arrest at the start of the year was symptomatic of flagrant suppression tactics. And the absence of due process of law the experts who form part of the human rights council explained that political leaders and their supporters in uganda have protested against alleged electoral irregularities and the prohibition of gatherings under the guise of preventing the spread of covid nineteen the massive deployment of armed forces in cities as well as the intimidation and attacks of opposition observers at polling stations reportedly affected voter turnout. Experts maintained adding that internet blackouts slow. The voting process to

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