El Chapo, the Sinaloa Cartel, and the War on Drugs


From selling oranges just to buy food to running. A multibillion dollar drug empire l. Chapels tail is one of rags to cocaine dusted riches. El chapo guzman is a name. Most of us have probably heard of the name. Thousands of people have feared chapel took his childhood entrepreneurial spirit and turned it into an international narcotics operation. He expanded his empire with a combination of bribes government manipulation in innovative shipments system and brute force and tear when necessary. He took on a status as a legendary hero to some and as a heartless monster to others l. chapel maintained his control with an iron fist. No secrets got past him. And no one disobeyed his orders. His employees claimed he's omniscient like god. He sees everything as many people found out. Betrayal chapel or any other leader of the ceelo cartel. And you won't survive long. A man who seemed unstoppable with thousands of supporters willing to die for him managed to escape. Da and other law enforcement agencies for decades and escape from prison twice until his desire for a flashy lifestyle and city life led to his eventual and probably final arrest but his drug empire did not end with l. chapels capture. The seen alot of cartel is still alive and well today ran by el chapo zone children and his business partner il mio. The cartels still runs the majority of the drug trade mexico and seemingly will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. There still powerful enough to engage the mexican national guard indirect battle and win what led to el chapo becoming one of the most infamous drug lords in the world. We're gonna look into that today. Also we're going to look into the us war on drugs without it. There would be no el chapo. If narcotics were legal there would be no need to smuggle them into the united states. There would be no illegal narcotics demand for cartels to supply. Why are drugs illegal. Going to look into the history of drugs in us today at one time or another. They were legal. So what changed. What would happen if we made drugs legal again. would there still be cartels. What our country fall into anarchy and despair or would improve

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