Google's Kent Walker on Ethical AI

Eye On A.I.


Kill walker. I oversee a global affairs group and cool that includes policy legal. Our trust and safety work are philanthropy and are responsible innovation teams. I've been working in the technology sector for quite some time actually grew up palo alto at a time when silicon valley was just coming into being as a as a phrase and it's been fascinating to see the growth and development of technology and how intersecting all across our societies ever since and part of your work then at google is overseeing the ai principles document. I presume and then the implementation of those principles within google. That's right we've been working on the yeah principles for some time. It may actually be helpful to go a little bit of a a history starting in maybe twenty sixteen. It was clear that hey i was going to be bigger. And bigger part of our product portfolio. Google translate just to take one example went from having a translation of say a six year old which was helpful in that grade to having the translation ability of a teenager. Not perfect but pretty. Good through the application of ai. Over the course of a summer and that kind of remarkable improvement in performance really started down the path of saying not only yet what are other applications. We could be exploring but at the same time. What are the implications of doing that. How do we make sure we drive the technology for it but we drive the thinking around ethics and how and when these new tools should be used so that was a big part of our effort. I think starting in two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen. We were plenty other people. From across the company anti-people historians ethicists etcetera to start to creamer framework. As to how we think about this

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