FDA to Hold Emergency Meeting on Johnson


Holding an emergency meeting on the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine I Marilyn hider with today's coronavirus update. San Diego County and the rest of the state are pausing the use of the Johnson and Johnson. One dose vaccine do too rare blood clots found in six women, Dr Anthony Fauci says the pauses out of an abundance of caution. This is an unusual occurrence. Of a serious adverse event that you want to make sure before you go forward, you investigated thoroughly, and that's exactly what they're doing. They're pausing so that they could look at it more carefully. Six women between the ages of 18 and 48 developed blood clots a week or two after they were vaccinated. One woman died. The CDC is principal deputy director doctor and shook, it said Authorities have not seen similar clots after use of the visor or Madonna. Vaccines, and people should continue getting those vaccines. The CDC recommends people who were given the J and J vaccine who are experiencing severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath. Should contact their health care provider J and J said in statement It was aware of the reports of blood clots, but no link to its vaccine had been established. The company also says it's delaying the rollout of its vaccine in Europe as a precaution.

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