PK Problems


So growing up in the black church. It always felt like home. Always commute with a smile with with a hug with the kiss was love. Everyone knew we spent all day and service. I mean literally we were. We were the charges that would go and start at like eleven and then in three and then have a break and go to church chicken and then come back at five or six and stay all night until it was like okay. We have to go to school tomorrow. Can we please go home. And my dad being a pastor and my mom being bring really involved in the ministry it was family. It wasn't perfect. You know it was messy at times. It was in a drama it was. You didn't really have to stand up and tell all your business by you sentiment testimony time right but it did feel like home. I would always tell people you know when they asked. When i was really young wannabe and i would always tell them. I wanna be a pastor. I want to be a preacher in a like my my father all really new so in twenty fourteen married and we had moved into a community called fairfield alabama. Just right outside of birmingham and we really felt called to invest in the community that was majority black. A my wife had worked at a group home in that community. We had friends that were still house parents at that group home. I was working at that time. In city government also ministry. And so we're like. Hey how can we. How can we invest in and really give back. The church we were at the church. Plant was a majority white church. We were the first one of the first african-american families that were really a part of that church. We felt call to invest. We knew people. And so we're part of this church community that we feel really connected to and were part of a actual community And fairfield that were really connecting with until we find ourselves living in those two worlds and some ways really trying to bridge them together and then michael brown gets

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