April, 12, 2021 - burst 07


Will soon decide the fate of officer derek. Chauvin a state of emergency has been declared in minneapolis here in brooklyn center. A curfew is in place but more protests are expected tonight less lesser all right. Megan thank you not far from the scene of that shooting the trial of derek chauvin entered. Its third week. With compelling new testimony about the cause of george floyd death and emotional testimony from his brother. Gave gutierrez is in minneapolis about ten miles. From the unrest overnight in brooklyn center. This is obviously a high profile case. This morning derek. Chauvin defense attorney asked the judge to sequester the jury. I would note for the court on that we have at least wonder. Who's a resident of that particular city and other jurors who have connections to brooklyn center. The judge denied the motion. I understand the argument from the defense that this now puts them even more ill at ease but i think sequestering of would only aggravate that the prosecution then called. It's thirty six witness. Chicago cardiologists. Dr jonathan rich. I believe that. Mr george. Floyd death was absolutely preventable. He testified that george floyd death was caused by oxygen levels induced by show wtn's restraint which did not die from a primary cardiac event and he did not die from a drug overdose next on the stand. Floyd's brother felonious eat is knew how to make people feel better. He was what's known as a spark of life witness meant to the jury more about floyd's life and family my mother seasonal low with us right now but my oldest brother george both of the prosecution's final witness says national use of force expert from south carolina. It's clear from the number of officers and mr fluids position. The fact that he's handcuffed and has been searched. He doesn't present a threat of harm. It's not clear how many witnesses that defense will call or whether chauvin himself will testify. Chopin's attorney has indicated. He'll call at least one police officer back to the stand

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