CDC chief urges Michigan to 'close things down' amid spike

NBC Nightly News


Turn out of a covert crisis and a worsening situation in michigan and beyond even with about one hundred twenty one million receiving at least one vaccine dose across the country thirty four thousand or in hospitals with michigan the new epicenter miguel almaguer reports on calls for new limits. There it's not just the metrics in michigan pointing to a fourth search scenes like these doctors desperately trying to save lives inside. Cova wards are again unfolding in the nation's new pandemic epicenter in detroit. Covid patients are waiting hours for an open. Bad many fifty five in younger. The state seen more infections in the first week of april than all february. There is light at the end of the tunnel but we know that we have seen a recent rise. In cases the governor who's refusing to issue new mandatory restrictions is instead asking the federal government for a larger vaccine supply but today the cdc director. That alone won't stop the surge. We know that the vaccine will have a delayed response. The answer to that is to really close things

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