What did the pandemic do to our social media use?

The Big Story


I begin with a confession. I love social media especially twitter. I spend a ton of time on it. It has brought me great joy and new friendships and all of the stuff that goes into funding requests. And ipo's when these companies are trying to make some cash and during the pandemic. I've spent even more time on twitter. Obviously a now. I kind of hate it. I love and respect the doctors and reporters who tweet out. Vital information on cove nineteen everyday. I hate that. I know exactly when every day they'll do that and that i will see it and i will feel a little bit worse. I love our listeners. Who respond to us. Thoughtfully to talk about our episodes. Were our guests or why. My delivery is so slow but also i just cannot deal anymore with the people in our mentions who don't even believe the pandemic exists. All of that is a long way to say that today. I hate twitter. But ask me tomorrow and i am sure there is a social media platform that you feel not exact way about over the last year for obvious reasons spending the past thirteen months and counting without real in-person friends. Social media has been a lifeline for millions of us being where we go to commiserate to mourn to be scared but also to celebrate every little victory and that experience has put a magnifying glass on social media the benefits greater than we might have thought the annoyances the hate even more so so what has our time on social media this year done to us. How has the past year changed our experience with these platforms. Is it now a more vital tool and even more racist hellscape is it a virtual community or is it where we go to stand in judgment on one another. And why is tick tock the only one of these platforms. Everybody enjoys

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