A highlight from 476 - The Manure Pile


I had a story for american history to my friend to be a bow. They said they said it could add on that fact. That's momentum that's dollop momentum that's domenico the thing is we're going to carry that energy straight into the podcast come out so fucking hot. I'm actually need a break. I'm that really really lev. Like i got this i got. I'll read the story myself. I'll react to the whole thing. You take a break. i'll do. I'm going to go on nap. And i'll have a sandwich near me for the nap. Let me let me just give me an example of how this will be me. I'm going to do your part day. Sure dave dave. I thought you're okay. No no well. this is what i feel like. I have more come on. That's not being bad but it wasn't who does that. kid what. how we ever going to end. it never stops. That's very good. This is why we are not changing. Come on guys. let's all love each other. That's kill cats. Fuck i mean so you end every podcast. I had few but after what you just said. I have no notes and called his. Jim patch walking. God okay gary for five and this is not gonna come clock five part proficient now. Hit him with the puppy. You both percent sick arguments. no sleep don't party candy. And this is my friend gareth. We are brought to you in part by a babble look We're talking about learning their language for most of us. Learning a second language in high school or college wasn't probably the pinnacle of our experience. Say impossibly blair spanish classes. I took and just none of it. I would just not i. Wouldn't it wasn't great. let's just say dave. I'm a stick and five spanish classes now. Thanks to babble. Which is the number one selling language. Learning app addictive. Superfund easy way to learn a language. Right babble teaches bite-size language lessons. You actually use in the real world. I am learning spanish. The goal i would like to eventually be on l. dollop as a guest man. That's my goal. I was doing french. Oh there's no bimbo gonna frenchman gone. Can you believe that he did this. It's about fifty minutes lessons. Make it the perfect way to learn a new language doing it right on my laptop others have an app. It's it's great. It's super easy to do. They designed the courses with real world sort of conversations in mind instead of weird like you learn in school. Where's the library like. Not that the way the way people actually talk to each other a lot of other language apps use a i for the lessons plans but babble lessons were created by actual language experts over one hundred of them. You can choose between fourteen languages which is pretty great and then they have a babble has a speech recognition technology. It helps you improve your pronunciation and accent so yeah. Start learning babble. Start learning languages babel right now. Today i am. I've been wanting to do it for a while. So i'm gonna learn spanish.

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