Cars that drive super fast around the park. Like looping the park lay sound like


Trying to impress somebody? Or what? What's the point of this? E think there's something going on there as the peacocks Lot's. It's fled his feathers to impress it's Bates. So does the human male in the It doesn't work that way, though. I don't get it. Let's see. Hello radio from hell. I feel weird about this. And I hate being that person. Linguistics and speech Nazi and believe me, I have no room to talk. But something has been driving me crazy. It's the usage of, um Oh, uh, as a filler when people are speaking, there's someone on your staff who's especially agree just user of the filler. They go, um at the beginning of every sentence. I was taught on the first day of seventh grade speech class to watch my arms and us and sadly, that was the only thing I remember from junior high school. Thank you for letting me listen. Sincerely. I'm probably not

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