Chiefs release Eric Fisher, Mitchell Schwartz

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Are very lucky. Chris canty that we have breaking news. Because otherwise i would be sitting here yelling at human. They are yelling at me to go immediately to diana. Rossini lonzo has breaking news out of kansas city. Diana what are we have. Yeah adam schefter. Just broke at the kansas city chiefs have now made to gigantic cuts. Both of their tackle. Starting left tackle eric fisher and right tackle jeff schwartz. These two are key players on this offensive line. We know that they didn't play in the super bowl. Obviously eric fisher tours achilles right before so he was unable to play in it and jeff fisher was really working hard. Excuse me jeff. Shorts was really working hard to come back and he said on instagram himself that he was going to be one hundred percent ready to go for this upcoming season. We talked last week all about this week. Being a really difficult week we called it. A massacre at least one coach told me that. And that's what it is. Look at what. The kansas city chiefs are doing off of line that we knew were struggling in the super bowl because they didn't have those two guys no longer on the team. Now

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