Interview With Bell Media Reporter And Author, Paul Hollingsworth


I have the great pleasure of speaking with all hollingsworth. Paul is a reporter for bell media. He's an author. And today i wanna find out from paul what he thinks about personal branding whether that's for. Athletes were people in work on such sites as linked in. Join me in my conversation. Today with paul hollingsworth umbrella v. And this is why we work today. I have the great pleasure. Speaking with paul hollingsworth. Good day. Fine sir good day to you and thank you for having me on. This is it's always. It's always flattered to be asked people to do this kind of thing so throw throw that the wall. I'm even more thrilled. That you said yes and i appreciate your time. Will you tell us. Paul for some people may not know but even people who do know you more specifically what industry are you in. What are you up to nowadays. Our broadcaster i worked for a cd. Atlantic halifax i'm a reporter slash anchor focusing a local news Basically might my story is this. I worked at atlantic Formerly atv for eighteen years as a reporter actor. I went off and worked for. Tsn for seven years seven and a half years had a great gig with them literally traveled the world travel north america on a weekly basis and then after doing that for about seven years went back to see atlantic almost three years ago and In a life filled with some mediocre decisions going back to see db atlantic was great decision. Because it's my home. It's my professional home. I to report and anchor in my community in front of people. I grew up alongside covering issues that matter to me and i just. I just feel the comfort zone. I feel very blessed and comfortable in this role in this stage of my life. Good will you bring us back. Paul was your very first job in after asking you to come on. I had a message. Was it yesterday now from your mom sharing trying to get in. She was checking you out and seeing seeing what you're up doing was messaging me. What was your first job growing up as a as a preteen a teen unrelated to what you're doing now selling lemonade selling baseball cards. What was the first thing you did to make her. Attempt to make a buck out. I had a paper for rocks herald. That was back in grade six. Which one thousand. Nine hundred eighty. I was fifty one years old. So the summer of the year of eighty slash eighty one. That school year mcglade. Six year. I had a paper route and so thin fax from august until the next september. It was a morning paper and it was too hard There's no other way saying it was because if there is really get a blizzard five in the morning you have to deliver the papers. And i'd walk around with his bag papers so in the summertime when the sun was shining the birds chirping even as ten year old. There's a neat way to start my day. It was very peaceful tranquil. But i remember like literally getting up on school mornings at five in the morning and walking in snow up to my hips and delivering paper. Vapors very unsafe by today's standards. I would never let my ten year. Old son go into a blizzard But i thought. I found it too hard. I just i mean. There's i'd love to tell you that there was a great reason why i didn't do it anymore. But it was just too damn heart. So i stopped doing it. That was my very first job. Will you and i are speaking before we started recording and mentioning sackville drive. I lived on sackville drive. And i did. I delivered the daily news in grade. Six until i got fired because it was too. I was throwing the papers away thinking. Nobody is reading these things. Why my expert small world. My dad was the managing editor of the daily. So i i remember you buy. You can't my house and sat at the kitchen. Table is like okay brian. Maybe this is not for you. Okay sir funny too funny my goodness so you receive in paper routes calm and i think it's good for people to hear people who have children. I mean as you rightly said some jobs are probably not as safe as what we thought they were back then so we may consider something else but having our kids If there's a kid who listens to this is there's nothing wrong with good getting out there and working whether it's a lemonade. Stand or delivering something. Nowadays there might be a new way to deliver or do something with social media or something just as a kid but what. What did you start to do as you got older. Maybe in middle school and high school in terms of work i Good question. I in grade. Eleven job at ben's bakery on pepper street in halifax those another hard job. I was on. So i go to school monday to friday. And then on saturday and sunday. I'd have to get up at seven in the morning. Said no sleeping in during the school year to be at work at eight thirty to work eight thirty to four thirty benz bakery and cleaning the ovens and all the baking equipment. That get just filthy during the week and i did that for most of the great By the grace of god by the grace of god a broken ankle a gym class. Linda playing basketball and so i had to take time off work and again this happened. Today it'd be probably a workplace violation but back then. It was just more sophisticated time when they said they said to be. Okay at louis. You broke your ankle even offer two months. We hired somebody your place. Don't come back. They never stayed. You're fired the job. distortive evaporate. This is thirty five years ago. I hold no no grievance grudge against benz. It was just. It was just the way it was and i was so relieved because they didn't know how to quit the job. It was so hard my parents probably like the fact is working. But i was. I remember in february. I be like oh my god. I've i've been working and going to school for ninety one straight days because you go to school. Monday to friday cited sunday monday to friday i was exhausted and this went on and on and on so that was a tough

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