MLB will use experimental rule changes in 2021 minor-league season


So think if. Somebody's baseball ideas. Major league baseball spring training. Well do it now. Almost into it's not quite as third weekend but yeah what they're doing is major league. Baseball's got every level of minor league baseball trying out rules. New rule changes that if they go well they might consider implementing it the major league level. So it's basically test time. Experimental rule changes so. Let's go through a few of them. Yes all of it though. Just just to preface it. Steve the backstory hairstyle. Nice is they want more balls in play. Okay how can they. How can they get more ball. That that's what i read today right and it's also increase the pace of play. That's always something that every league is concerned with given they're trying to attract the youth and the youth probably has less attention span than any generation in history but Let's go through some of the minor league ball rule changes and a couple in particular that we wanna talk about. But we'll go through them. Triple a ball. Which is where the ottawa. Lynx us to play you can have larger bases. They'll be eighteen square inches instead of the usual fifteen and so that means your distance between basis is a little shorter three inches this just in and they're hoping to increase stolen bases with that aa ball. They're going to ban extreme defensive shifts. The deal is you have to have at least four defenders on the infield and they have to be all of them with two feet on the infield dirt enable inaba step off. Rule pitchers are going to be cold for a balk of they. Don't completely disengage from the rubber before throwing to a base and that's designed to increase stolen bases as well you've also got an ball pitchers limited to pick off attempts per plate appearance and if the pitcher tries for a third pick off and the runner is safe. He'll be charged with a bach. Because they we all agree that that thr- over the first base after a while it's pretty damn tedious but the two changes that will be happening in low able will be automatic strike zone systems previously used in the atlantic league in the fall league and the league is also set to use additional timers to increase the pace of play as well including between the delivery pitches and those two big. Those two things could be really big if they work in minor league ball and eventually end up in major league. Paul and those to me are the two biggest ones to me. That's like is a massive change. Stephen baseball if you have a consistent computerized strike zone be no. You know what i mean. No doubt about it. I watch games last year. Where you know even the announcers right you. You'll see a game where where the party out noise calling that low on. You know what he's calling it a strike he's calling it a strike that low on but then i saw them where it was. Just so willy. Nilly you know what this guy was calling and batters get it. You know you're just you're strikes on a little bit these calling the low on us highway one. But i've seen them where it's just knows what they're doing and its way out of the frame that they put up there now. That's a huge change. That'll make a big difference a bit. That'll nothing with the speed of play. But you know. I think it's the most significant thing ever. Yeah yeah. Baseball needs to keep evolving. All sports. Do though

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