Help! My Face is Aging Asymmetrically



Hi can door love the pod. I'm writing because i'm territory manager for about four years and spend a lot of time in my car driving between many locations like many of us dudakovic. I had not seen photos of myself in quite some time until this weekend in the photo i notice the left side of my face. Driver's side is starting to droop. Slash age more quicker than my right side and it was very noticeable to me. Compared to photos pre covid been working out in the field during this pandemic. I do wear sunscreen. Every day in the summer. I will admit i need to be better during winter. But i'm curious if you have any advice or product rex when only one side slash part of your face slash body is aging faster than the rest realistically. I will be in this job real for at least another few years and only thirty years old any advice would be appreciated. Hope you have a great week. Okay so dory. What are your thoughts. Well i have noticed that. I have more Freckles slash age spots on the left side of my face. ama- driver's side. Yes i am. Also someone who wear sunscreen religiously. But i have noticed this and i'm assuming that that is the cause okay so i had a couple of thoughts one is you said droopy and i wasn't totally sure what you meant but it also made me wonder. Are you sleeping on that side. Because i'd be curious to hear what happens when you start sleeping on your back which is hard if you're not a back sleeper. But it sounds like you might be aside sleeper on your left side. So i can cause the face vaccine caused the face drooping so it might not be just a car. That was my first thought. My second thought is wear sunscreen in the winter where all year round. Don't just wear it in the summer. It should be part of your morning. Skin care routine and you should reapply it throughout the day multiple times. A day ashley since you're in the car so much but don't keep it in the car because it's sensitive to heat. So keep it. In your bag and reapply it. Maybe maybe like every time you get out of the car and get back into the car. Maybe when you get back into the car. You're like okay. Reapply sunscreen keep a powder to power. That's a good idea because that you could keep the car presumably. Yes i like that kate.

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