Roger Federer's back, briefly

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Hello folks woke until mid week tennis. Podcast a podcast. That was very nearly recorded on wednesday evening. Following roger federer's first much back after fourteen month hiatus at three win over. Brit dan evans. How different might that. Podcast have sounded. Had it been recorded yesterday versus being recorded now of to his three-set loss to nikoloz bassett villi. That is the punchy question that i put to you. David law and matt. Roberts whoever wants to take it. I think i should say that. It's because of matt. Roberts said we're recording it now and not if i had my way which was last night because i was a bit ivory excited to just get chatted. We've been so overexcited that it would now be out of date. How how different need. I think what i'm getting at is different. Do we feel about wherever resort. And what he's capable of off the two matches than we did after one arm in a similar place but matt watched both matches more closely. So i'm going to defer to matt. Hospital pass might enjoy. I think yesterday we would have been extremely positive about federer. And i think today we probably should still be positive about federal because federer is being positive about federal and i think we should take him at his word and agree that this has been a good week for him. He gained the matches that he wanted. He felt pretty good on the court. Arise maybe didn't always align with that viewpoint today There was there was a moment in his match today where his movement did really stop almost altogether and it was quite difficult to watch at times. But i think that's a difficult thing to do to have tempered. Expectations of roger federer. But it's absolutely what we need to have and he's upbeat. He said he's already over. It flew into his press conference after the loss. Today said he's over. It is positive generally and therefore i think we probably should be as well but we certainly have a lot more data to go on now that we've seen him play this match as opposed to just one match against evans because they two totally different matches for him and we'll talk about both of them he. He was asked Today as he said my in that very immediate post loss press conference i how. How long will this take to get over this loss. Read compared to previous losses similar level tournaments similar. Sages at already over. It sounding like you know when you've been broken up with an ally. I'm completely fine. I'm completely fine. he was. He wasn't right for me anyway. I never wanted to win this tournament. It wasn't it wasn't dubai is going to be better in dubai but and yet it also as you say. We should believe him me. You know what. I d believe him i he. We should probably feel fine about it could kiss. He feels fine about it. David yeah a. I would say that occasionally impress coinc- he said everything's fine and then isn't fine line a back problem or something like that. But i thought when he came out yesterday and play his match against down evans that he started off playing very carefully moving very carefully. He wasn't explosive he was he was balanced. He was good. He looked serene the way often does and he was striking the ball very well but i just felt like he was inevitably be very careful. And that changes. The match tone in evans pushed him in. They played they played good close competitive match But and at the end federal showing some real explosive tennis in some and he was getting Any any finished with a winning. So i thought that was really really good but there was a euphoria about him yesterday. Which was all build apple. High pulled a chats. He was excited. Because he's he's like a little kid in a sweetshop isn't even. He's playing tennis and when the is on him he loves it. He loves it. He's always has but today. I mean i didn't see all of the match because i was watching. Arena against gubbay mcgruder. And i left federal watch to you both but then when that finished i turned over and i was less alarmed than i thought i would be given what i was reading on twitter. And what what i was just hearing generally because i think he was fife on down listening in the second set maybe even lose that set six one zero six to eight yeah and it was definitely the latter stages if that second set would definitely sort of hidden hope connor by a around about that time. I did actually have a little chat. we don evans on. What's up. 'cause he was watching the match he was watching the match back and he said of course he's of course he's naked and we play hard much the night before and he's he's any she referenced the kind of all of the check before the match and before the tournament ties you out and you hit you hit a bit of a wall in and it's not really surprising. The blacks thirty nine. He's going to be forty later this year. He's hasn't played for thirteen months. And now he's played six sets in twenty four

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