Brandon Elliot Charged for New York City Anti-Asian Attack

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Also in some justice news today local authorities said wednesday. They filed three felony hate crime charges against thirty eight year. Old brandon elliott in the brutal stopping of an elderly asian american woman. A case that could test the f- the efficacy of such statutes amid a national groundswell of concern over rising anti-asian attacks manhattan district attorney. Cy vance said elliott. A homeless black man on parole after serving seventeen years in prison for killing. His mother told sixty five year. Old ville macari. You don't belong here before. He launched the unprovoked attack in midtown on monday. Elliott faces two counts of second degree assault and one count of attempted. First degree assault the carry a maximum sentence of twenty five years as well as other punishments for violating his parole. The beating was captured on a lobby surveillance. Video from condominium showed several on lookers failing to respond one closed the lobby door as she lay just outside on the pavement the assault caused widespread outrage another in a rash of high profile attacks on people of asian descent including the mass shooting in atlanta. That left six female. Asian workers and two others dead in march and the fatal assault also captured on video of an elderly tie immigrants francisco in february. The alleged assailant's in those cases have not been charged with hate crimes illustrating the complexities surrounding how such cases are handled. The charges against elliott came a day after the biden administration announced steps to respond to mounting pressure from leaders including expedited thirty day internal review. The justice department aimed at bolstering the federal agencies tracking and prosecution of hate crimes and bias incidents other measures included reinstating white house initiative on asian americans and pacific islanders and allocating nearly fifty million dollars in new grants at the department of health and human services to assist survivors of domestic violence. And sexual assault with new api outreach

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