The Death of George Floyd Murder Trial: Opening Statements


We are in the middle of the big one minnesota vs derek chauvin. The man accused of murdering. George floyd and this is a case taken on a life of its own. We know the impact. That the death of george floyd has had will now. It's time to figure out what it all means. Inside a courtroom as our system of justice takes a look at it and a jury of twelve people will decide whether or not dirk chauvin murdered. George floyd and court tv of course giving you gavel to gavel coverage of this so in this podcast really wanted take a deep dive into the opening statements because opening statements are really the roadmap for the entire trial. This is where the attorneys for both sides will lay out what they believe. The evidence will show in the case and we got a few surprises during opening statements and got a feel and a flavor for who the attorneys are. That will be trying. This case will be the voice for either side with me. Is court tv anchor. Michael i ala michael. I wanna start off. We're going to focus here on the prosecution but before we get to that i just want your overall take of both sides. The way i saw it was prosecutors came in they were polished. They were professional but not over the top in terms of passionate then. The defense came in and there wasn't quite as much polish. Not so many bells and whistles and even less passion. So what was your take of what you heard in those opening statements. I think i think you hit the nail on the head there vinnie. I think the prosecution came in very very prepared. They had a presentation a powerpoint presentation. That was extremely. Well done set out. The time line was very clear that they had a sense of where the defense was when go and they kicked off all the arguments they will go into make and made their own arguments putting into the mind of jurors the arguments that they were going to make. I thought they did a great job of what i call your ones things like He did not let up. He did not get up things like that. That will stay in the jurors minds as they continue throughout this case Excessive force is assault Things like that. That would give something. The jury can hang onto as the case

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