Android sends 20x more data to Google than iOS sends to Apple



A study out of trinity college says that android and ios devices. Both send a lot of data back to google and apple respectively devices are in idle mode which is not a big surprise but the study also claims that android sins about twenty times more data to google than ios sends to apple now. Does this mean that. Google is tracking its users. More than apple is well not necessarily but the study does point out that the technology we have today frequently is phoning home while that technology is on. That's just how stuff works now. Particularly for tech with evolving operating systems or firmware a device phoning back to home base is a way to indicate whether or not that devices actually up to date with the latest patches. That can be critical for devices information. Security you know. We know that if you don't update your systems you're leaving yourself potentially vulnerable to intrusion attacks. It's also crucial just for general device operations if you don't keep updating your operating system pretty soon you won't be able to run the latest apps on it because they won't be compatible with the os. This does however create concerns for user privacy and it also raises questions as to how the companies are actually leveraging the data that's being collected and sent back. I should also point out that. Both google and apple dispute the study and they say that. The methodology that was used was inherently flawed. Google claims the report was off quote by an order of magnitude. Which is pretty darn significant. If that is in fact true

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