'Black Widow' joins the streaming battle, but nobody's sure what winning looks like


Last year of black widow was supposed to come out and people were constantly. You know. Say i wonder if black widows coming to streaming i wonder black windows come into streaming and for everything and disney's been pretty Forward in regards to releasing stuff on their streaming network from move onto rare the last dragon but the mcu stuff just always seemed untouchable now turns out black widow. Not only are they moving the release statements coming out in july instead of me. But it's coming out in theaters and on disney. Plus though i think this is huge huge news whether you guys think ads. Yeah it's pretty big and especially for the. What is the fourth of july weekend. You know it's a it's a pretty big move. It's a ballsy move on disney. You're not you still charging thirty dollars on their streaming services or you could go to you know. Pay ten bucks for it and try not to did. I think i think it's a good move. Yeah it's interesting. Because i would say it's well i would have to imagine that the one division and the falcons stuff is like done really really well and I think it's kind of well not let myself. And it's kind of reignited. Some marvel fun and love and a lot of people. I think so. I think it's a good move. It's pretty like daddy said it's a really ballsy decision Yeah i think. I kind of i think we talked about on. The show is kind of like yeah. You know it's not there but that's okay. It was kind of suffering from a little bit of burn out from it but Wanda vision to drew me right back into Especially because that show kind of played fan theories and stuff but Yeah really big move because Come jalek you said. It's you know. Right smack dab in the middle of summer. It's the fourth of july weekend by that. Point theaters will be. Maybe not one hundred percent open. But there's going to be a lot of theaters out there in these movies costs. What what upwards of two hundred million dollars to make

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