Leave policies have not caught up for women in office


Are serving as state lawmakers across the country. But in most capitals, family leave policies have not changed. That leaves new moms with few options when having Children. Abigail, since he has more from member station W. K a. R in Lansing. Mallory McMorrow was part of 2018 so called year of the woman. When a record number of women were elected to office, she flipped a Michigan State Senate district in the suburbs of Detroit. Your first interview you're very hungry. Seven weeks ago, she gave birth to her first daughter. No. Uh uh. She's like the size of the microphone. You know, Like many parents, McMorrow is taking time off to be with her newborn. But while state employees get 12 weeks of paid time off, there's no parental leave policy for lawmakers. The answer to their constituents and their pay is written in the state constitution so they can technically take off as much time as they want The catch being they miss votes. I can't vote remotely. I can't proxy vote. I have to physically go toe Lansing. And I have a newborn who naps for 20 minutes and then is up again and ready to eat and be changed. Michigan is one of a handful of legislatures where lawmakers worked full time. Senator Vic Morrow said she spoke up because she could already envision attack outs criticizing her for not being in the capital to vote vote She missed so she could spend time with her baby. Are we comfortable with the idea? That we don't want working moms in the Legislature because that's the message unless we change the system, she says. This is a conversation she's had with many women that women can have it all. Just not all at once on that feels true for her in the Legislature. The

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