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A group of british tourists are rejected from entering spain due to new restrictions from brexit in army of militants attack a town in northern mozambique causing major destruction. The italian government cuts off cruise ships from venice and sabra recalls thousands of its products due to them being infected with salmonella. This is the world that large we are politics. One thousand and one though World politics one thousand and won the world. Oh yeah thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone and to keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the lincoln. Our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with the friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this episode of our podcast. Hello everybody welcome to another episode of the world at large anyway. Hope you enjoy that intro. Because from now on it's permanent we're not changing it. Ever april fools supposed to keep quiet till you guys is april fools day. I mean we totally plan to recording on thursday instead of a wednesday not because in is incompetent unable to get the correct recording time So instead recorded on thursday and we decided to give you a little prank. you're not gonna hear that cringe throw at you just hurt however You're gonna get it today. I think it's hilarious You no one else. That is i hope. I like to date or audience in my stellar musical abilities. Unin ability to keep any sort of rhythm so i don't know what he's talking about but My mother always says i have the voice of the name Yes you do. Ian does it. But if you haven't actually if you if listen to the first few episodes remade we actually used to do these. Like really stupid. Intros wasn't my idea is my thought it sounded cool but it doesn't it out. We got some pretty bad feedback while you call it so we stopped. But i've thought for april fools day we bring it back for one more time and maybe for special occasions you get one of those again Little star one which is my favorite. We actually edited it anyways. I hope you enjoyed it hoping to encourage too much. If you did skip it go back and listen because you're as you need to listen in order for it to the april fools joke to work. Yep integrates so without further ado. Let's jump into the episode up. We're talking first about spain and the united kingdom because guys guys guys. It is march thirty first just past. It's gone march. Twenty twenty one. Let's just pretend to happen because honestly it didn't like the restrictions are over for brexit. The uk left but but spain decide. We're going to keep it in place for a little bit longer. The open borders. We're going to slowly like inch our way out of it. Give the people of spain and the british the british. Let's give us some time to coca cola. Is the right word. It kind of figure out what their plans if they want to hang out in spain looking to give them some time to figure it out but the march thirty first all that expired so now brexit it's full on brexit. Now i mean you might as well becoming from chalet to to spain because this point united states to spain the this point this you might as well like the british have just as much as americans to enter the country. They are an independent sovereign nation without any ties to the european union So obviously in it that dayton itself is still raging but but you know what happened and this is the reality situation. Is that those given be. Something's changing between britain spain. So the story of the days at a group of british tourists were rejected from spain by border authorities when attempting to reenter the country. So these people were actually put on the plane. They legend alicante port city in spain. I know that. Because i had foreign exchange student from there I no big delia But Hey julio of and so i don't think i don't think julio listened to this at the dow shout out to julio the ever ever here's this but but anyways alicante port city in spain or at least a coastal city and the the flight was coming from manchester landed there and then the authorities essentially turn them around and say you know what no i don't buy his british like garbage in my country. Get out shoot you guys. Don't have the proper papers And so what's what's weird about. This is that they were actually living in spain and they retain return to their homes in the country and this was actually forty people that were turned away. It wasn't like a family. It was pretty much a whole flight of forty people were turned back on so they were pretty angry. They tried to present their papers proving that there are residents of spain but the spanish shed. No no we're not. We're not doing those papers. They don't work and stuart miller he. He's the british person who came forward. He speaking further heard here and he said we're done i. This is ridiculous Once he said this to the press. I'll just read you what he said. What more proof do you need a residency. There was no advice. No help and to be fair. No good reason for us to be turned back at alicante on because again these people actually tried to present papers showing the residency which the spanish authorities hinted would be enough But that didn't work within work so miller and his friends day was sent back. They're sent back running to that to that rainy island in the northern part of europe so to had some sunshine but anyways you might as well live massachusetts that point

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