A highlight from 702: For All Mankind S2E7 Review: 'Don't Be Cruel'



The for all mankind podcast from the incomparable and tv. I'm jason snell reaching reaching out across the. I don't know maybe i'm under the under the wooden door. That's locked a guard outside. It's my russian colleague dan warren. Hello billy dean jason. Kerr of club my name in the door. Maybe do that i could. I could read those names that good for you. I couldn't because they are in incirlik this episode this episode seven of season two for all mankind. Don't be cruel so much happens in this episode in fast so my my notes are enormous. So much happens in this episode. And then the part that i really enjoyed about how eventful this episode is is. I noticed that the whole thing with with the exception of one brief kind of reaction shot the whole thing takes place on earth This show about space. There's no space and you get through the whole episode and it feels like a complete episode an ending and then at the end it's like oh meanwhile on the moon and a whole other dramatic thing happens on the moon where we haven't been the whole episode to my wife. I heard my wife at that point. It was like oh remember. They show takes place in space so just jam packed. I feel i feel the season building. Dan i feel the crescendo. Coming here as we reaches last episodes of the season. It's interesting to in the pacing because it definitely feels like there were things that could have been little in another show show. That was perhaps more of a like an action adventure. Show some of these. Some of these things would be small data points on the way to a bigger conflict and hear what seems small is actually like center stage. Yeah yeah for sure there. This is this show is about the characters right and and most good works of fiction are about the characters right that we're human beings we invest in people. There are analogues or people like them. Like great stories are about great characters and yet you need cool special effects and action excitement and all of that is true but like you can't really have drama without characters right. I know that there are certain movies. Try certain action movie franchises. Probably try that but you know you need them and so this show this episode great example of that where until we get meanwhile on the moon at the end like this is about space and it's about an alternate time line but it's also about these people including some people we haven't seen before because i got i got another really great kind of a moment in the scenes that we get in star city but it's about people and so this episode is about ellen and the complications of her life. And it's about danny. And it's about alita and margo and kelly. It's an it's about karen in the worst way possible. And it's i mean it's about these these characters in this episode mostly these women. Yeah i was noticing you know part of the way through at some point. There's a brief shot with ed. In gordo in it. But they don't even get a line. In fact i don't think either has line in this entire episode. shot and that's about it. Does this not episode not pass the reverse bechtel test man. That's all right. I mean. I think yeah i think i think it shows so so. I've been living this season. I think this season is. It's not just exciting in good but like there are moments where i'm like. I think this show is masterfully. And i'm using that term. Very seriously masterfully assembled in terms of not only the crescendo. That we seem to be getting to here but in the way that these characters are put together. And they're taken seriously and they're given you know the it they feel they feel real and they feel like they earned the moments they get in a way that i think a lot of other shows as you sort of said earlier would just kind of brush passed it on the way to the next plot point. Now it's definitely focus on. I think there's a lot of moments in here where characters characters take the forefront in important ways right like even if there's something happening to a character that is a huge like plot point i think sometimes there's there's resonance beyond that and i'm thinking particularly of a particular character's fate in the opening minutes of this episode which could have been kind of a like our know that happened and instead i think because of the time that we spent with that character over the course of the season there's residents there. There's a lot of resonance there and a lot of like the ripples outward from that are incredibly moving and significant for the plot of the show. So you're ten years younger than i am. I was born in nineteen seventy. And i wanted to ask you because i have a moment. There is a moment early on where mar ellen can't go to korea with administrative pain because she just gets a phone call and her father has a has had a heart attack

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