A highlight from Should Bruins be Concerned about Tuukka Rask & the Shayne Gostisbehere Dilemma | Poke the Bear w/ Conor Ryan

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And welcome in to poke the bear episode 37 who's number 37 that we could potentially have as this. I don't know if I know anybody now, you might have to check in with spoke Z to see if maybe he can verify what what I think of a good player but my head I don't have one. I don't have one. I don't I don't think that's a 37 37 on the Bruins. Mm. Can't think of one's escaping me at the moment. Yeah sister go back. We'll take it to Twitter and see if people can can help us out there. We'll see if people can think of a of a name but for now, oh Bruce borchardt might be one that might be the guy maybe I don't know maybe 36 or 66 know you're thinking of Marcus Smart. We had this conversation. Yeah, so that's right. That's right. It's all kind of Cloudy. Well, we'll Circle back we'll figure we'll figure out who a good number 37 for this but at any rate off, I'm in Marion off ski alongside conried a Boston Sports channel Connor how we doing? I'm doing very well. How you doing? Good. It was nice to see the Bruins, you know when it was when a game. Yeah before 2 in the third. The Devils I'm thinking I got every time I think the steam can't get lower they do but they didn't they pulled themselves out of it. They Charlie McAvoy Matt grzelcyk just went on an absolute tear at the end zone, but that game was now Tuesday night people will be listened to this on Thursdays. That'll be old news. And so he never really talked about games. We don't what's the what would you why would you talk about a game when it's pretty much like over and done with the next day. So I'm considering the schedule is also like every other day now until the end of time we've have a game so that stuff gets lost in the shuffle very quickly. It's so weird to have nights where there's no games since I'm like, oh, what am I going to do tonight? There's no Bruce Lee. Yeah. We're not going to sleep. I go to bed at a normal time. Like what am I going to do? But at any rate, yes, brune's got a win dead. A much even when they finally they finally beat the devil's they finally did it. They finally finally did it. But well, I think these shows can be a little all over the place with positives and negatives. Well same here cuz not all people are talking about this and I think it's an important thing we discussed and that's to grask Tuukka Rask. You probably have not heard about him lately. You probably have not seen him lately month, but you only played three games and all of March only three games. He was out with an injury for a while came back left mid game for like during the intermission recently moved and it begs the question in this shortened season where there are games every other night and your schedule is extremely crazy. When is Rath coming back from do you trust that he will be good when he comes back basically at the Crux of it should people be concerned about giraffes. I mean, I think off and you've got an injury like that he has and we don't know for sure whether it is right. It's still tabbed as an upper body injury, but I think you saw him in that game on March 7th where he left and looked like he was holding his back pack. That's obviously very concerned very for a goaltender. And I think it'd be one thing if he missed, you know, 3 plus weeks with this when was out but then came back and was fine. But when you missed two weeks off come back you get the clearance from both himself and the medical staff saying he's good to go and he only plays one. That's kind of concerning where that's something that you know, it's not like it's it's like a high ankle sprain and basketball right where like maybe you come back but like when you do you probably need like a whole offseason to kind of get over it, right? It's not something that just goes away that's going to be lingering for quite a bit. So, yeah, it's not ideal job. If you're the Bruins where you've got the situation more rats is kind of in limbo with an injury like that again. I don't know if we're going to have the conversation of like is it worth, you know going for a run. If you don't know what happened to her ask when it's definitely a concern right? It's you know before last year and obviously what happened up in the bubble, but the last couple of years you went to the postseason. No way at the very least that you had arrested healthy Tuukka Rask, which is a

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