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And we're back age late. It's April 1st 2021. Yes. Happy April fools day. And by the way, how is it that you haven't tried to fool me with anything today? It's because every time I think about it, I remember the time that you had me convinced that you had. What was it a miniature donkey or a horse or something on the way named Buttercup few years ago. I told my friends and posted on Facebook and I had forgotten it was April Fool's Day and that was when we're living in Texas. So it's totally believable. Buttercup was a mini horse. That's right. It's made up. It was a made-up many horse and have a good one. And we had too many cows so listeners when we lived in Texas, we had this little guess what many Ranch north of Boston is we're from Ohio and a ranch to us. It's still five acres but Texas it was definitely a mini range. So this was a little play Ranch we bought we bought two little mini cows. And if you don't know, what a mini cow is just Google Highland Dexter cows. There's these cows that essentially they're I don't know how to describe home. Live in there maybe a quarter of the size of a normal Cal now, they have all the cattle attitude. You'd think they'd have. Yeah, we're still eight hundred pounds apiece. They have massive horns, but here's the cool part and really cold weather which maybe after this last Texas winning. These cows naturally developed long hair that then basically turns into dreadlocks. So just Google if you want if you want to see the funniest looking Critter ever just Google Highland Dexter cows, you know, let's now that we're off by the way. This is not the topic for today's podcast today's podcast of 12 questions you get you back on track first quarter of you, but I want to finish our Cal story. Yes. All right, so I had the notion that we should get so many Cal's cuz we had our daughter and we want her to basically, you know, we had she had some chickens and you know makers to populate right we were winning her to have some you know experience basically knowing how to take care of animals that has to go, you know towards someone's character in The Long in a positive way that was the idea and so we went I did some some homework and did some searching and of course, this is my idea not Julie's because she never thought let's get let's get some many calls. So I found out this lady this month. A breeder of these Highland extra many cows and there was one that was you know down the road as they say in Texas probably like five hours away, but she had a whole bunch of these little guys and she wanted you know, she often told them she showed them. I know it sounds insane but there you go movie sets Okay, so we're not making any of this up. This is actually life in Texas. We could tell you guys about the gorilla too, but I don't save that for Sunday. Okay. Well, so I messaged her and I get the conversation started and yes just got a couple of cows their names were Brownie. And what was the other ones Brownie and James and so I got the conversation started getting over to Julie. And so then you know, we pay her for these cows there wasn't that much money in the cows get delivered and we know nothing about cows like less than nothing and you know, do we pet them? What do you supposed to do? I mean, what do the cow all we know is they like sweet potatoes? Yeah, they like sweet potatoes. And actually we learned how to get them to come to us when we called them, which was pretty amazing and I could do the cowl Bello now but wage All probably fifty thousand of you would stop listening so I'm not going to do that. So anyway, we got these cows and we thought both these cows were bulls. And again, we're not like looking under the you know, the hood to see what the you know, so we're assuming this lady sells two boys house cuz that's what she told us. Well that horn and they both had warrants, right? Yeah and they both had, you know, big bad ass cow attitudes, you know, they thought they were like a thousand pounds while I guess they were they thought they were three thousand pound cows. They break it break out of their fence all the time. And when she loves each other they chase the chickens, they would chase me if I had sweet potato song Julie and I were in the house the working occasionally one of the cows after he busted through the fence would just come up to the window and just stare at us. I mean hilarious but so long story short. We you know getting a person that we're going to move to Puerto Rico. This is over two years ago, like two and a half years ago and we had these really good friends and many many really good friends in Georgetown, Texas, but the connellys and they had this beautiful Ranch wage. About in a ways from ours and they are real true taxes. And so they you know knew some things that we didn't know we gave them Zoe's Chicken Coop. And we also gave them these two cows. Well, they assumed they were boys house too. Cuz listen to me buying a house, they assume that they were balls too cuz that's what we told them. You know, they loaded them up dropped him off.

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