Breaking Down U.S. Spending During The Pandemic


The trillions of dollars that the biden administration wants to pump into the economy signal. The return of big government. I put this question to zachary carter. Who wrote a book called the price of peace. It's about the economist. John maynard keynes and the ideas that underpin our current understanding of what government's responsibility is in a time of crisis. Carter told me it's not really about big government versus small government anymore. It's about how the money is spent. There's always been at least over the last seventy five years if fairly large government but since the nineteen nineties there has been a different consensus about how we should organized that government with democrats moving closer to sort of the reagan conservative republican understanding about how how the state should be organized. And i think president. Biden's been pretty clear about wanting to turn away from that. He's hanging portrait. Fdr in the oval office. That's something new. So i think the size of the government is sort of a rhetorical issue. The real shift here is where the focus of that. Government is is directed.

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