4 victims of California office shooting identified, as suspect charged with murder


Sir Chang and I'm Audie Cornish. This hour. We'll look at how faith communities approach pandemic lockdown differently. One day, we're gonna look back. And this is just gonna be a story that we tell what kind of story do you want to tell? Also one of President Biden's campaign promises was to overhaul the criminal justice system, and advocates say they are waiting for some real action now. Absolutely anxious form or change to come from this administration on criminal justice reform and how the Biden administration hopes to reverse systemic racism that's been baked into America's infrastructure. Now the news Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. Veteran Capitol police officer is dead and an unidentified suspect was also killed after police say the individual rammed his car into the officers, then into a barricade outside the U. S capital today. We say the suspect was shot and killed after emerging from the vehicle, brandishing a knife and moving towards police. It all happened here. The Russell Senate office building just after one p.m. today still not clear what was behind the incident, though it comes on the heels of the January six attack on U. S Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump that also claimed the life of the Capitol police officer. U. S Capitol police officer who died today has been identified as William Billy Evans, an 18 year veteran of the force. A second Capitol police officer was injured. Have the Minneapolis Police Department homicide division testified today. Kneeling on the neck of a suspect who was handcuffed amounts to top tier deadly force and it should have stopped. Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman, a long time officer on the force testified today and travel Derrick Show Vin the actions by the former officers saying they were totally unnecessary putting your neon and neck For that amount of pot that amount of time. Is just Uncalled for. I saw no reason why The officers felt they were in danger if that's what they felt showing faces, murder and manslaughter charges in the death of George Floyd last year, prosecutors say corrected police video shows Trovan, who was white, kneeling on the black man's neck for more than nine minutes. Man has been charged with the murder and attempted murder in the Wednesday attacking a Southern California office building that left four people dead, including a nine year old boy. The Orange County district attorney's office is 44 year old Harmony, a dob galaxy. Gonzalez was charged with the attempted murder of two police officers after shooting at them when they reached the scene. Police say Gaxiola knew the adult victims. It's not clear what the motive was behind the attack. President Biden says the latest jobs report shows the U. S economy bouncing back, But he said the country still has a long way to go towards recovering from the pandemic. NPR's Asia, Roscoe reports employers added 916,000 jobs in March. That was the biggest game in jobs since last August. President Biden says the economy is doing better because of rapid growth of covert 19 vaccinations and government aid. He warned. That is too soon. For Americans to return to life is normal. So I ask I plead with you. Don't give back the progress. We've also fought so hard to achieve. Need to finish this job. Every American to buckle down and keep their guard up. This home stretch bite and also pushed for Congress to take up his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. But some Republicans have opposed the proposal, which would raise taxes on corporations. Aisha Roscoe NPR news U. S. Financial Markets are closed today for good Friday. This is NPR from W. H E News in Atlanta. Good afternoon. I'm Jim Burress. Right now we have clear skies 55 degrees. It's 504 Major League Baseball says this July's All Star game will not take place in the Atlanta area following the signing of a bill that makes sweeping changes to Georgia voting laws. Meal. Moffett reports. Baseball was set to hold its Midsummer Classic and truest Park on July 13th, but Friday announced it would be relocating the game. A Republican backed bill signed into law March 25th has received substantial pushback from voting rights groups and corporations. Measure overhauls many of the state's election laws, including restricting the use of absentee ballot, Dropbox is adding I d requirements for vote by mail and giving lawmakers more control over the state's election board. In a statement, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said moving the game was the best way to show the MLB supports voting rights and fair access to the ballot box. Mio Moffett W. ABC News The Cobb County says it's rental assistance program was the target of a cyber attack. Stephanie Stokes has more The county's program offered $21 million to help tenants who are behind on rent demand was so strong earlier this year that the cab closed applications after little more than a week. Now, the county says it's email for receiving those applications may have been compromised. I found out within five minutes and disabled the email. The county says it also disconnected the affected server. It's unclear how much information was compromised. An investigation is underway. The cab was one of several counties around Georgia who received federal rental assistance funding.

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