Catholic seminary installs a solar farm shaped like a cross


From their plane. Windows people traveling to and from chicago may notice the shape of a cross in a field outside the city. This cross is made entirely of rows of solar panels that helped power a catholic seminary. The shape of it is really something. I think is special. Father john carter is the rector and president of online seminary at the university of saint mary of the lake he says the three hundred kilowatt array which went online in december is the first solar installation at a. Us catholic seminary. The project is saving the seminary money on electric bills and karchi says it represents the environmental stewardship. That's central the catholic. Teaching six years ago pope francis wrote in and cyclical a formal letter that called upon the world to reduce its use of fossil fuels and limit global warming and long even before pope francis. It's been part of the catholic. Social justice tradition recognizing that care for the earth. You know isn't just sort of one. Amongst many good tasks we should take on but it really is central to creation which we receive as a gift from god so he says going solar made sense financially and as an expression of the catholic faith.

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