A highlight from Touching tributes to Princess Diana

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Hello friends. Welcome back to the airport. And just like the queen makino back in action for another week royal. How're you doing. oh fantastic. It feels good. The queen is back where back things are. Good omen it's been. It's been a breezy week in the house of windsor. Has i think after what has been a fairly dramatic and eventful starts to twenty twenty one. We've had a week of regular activities. Should we say no. I'm not mad acid now and we have some beautiful weather in the uk this week as well sunshine blue skies a hint of spring. Solve the queen out. We might still be under lockdown homemade. But it did feel if there was hope in the air yeah. I think we had one day this week. It was like seventy something degrees which maybe some of you guys listening is really nothing to get too excited about for cillizza lot for the uk and sunshine. That's the really big kicker because it'll be warrior but it's still cloudy but to have blue skies that's exactly and of course lockdown restrictions have eased. Some what we have people back outside. Sports teams back in action. Even fi meets going on in the parks. I mean really exciting okay. Everyone tell we're like really trying hard here in the uk. Guess what we can do now. So it's like trying to book an appointment morning to get a hack as we've got. What is it ten days to go before. Actual down comes salsa band that caught me question ivan booking outdoor restaurants salon. That's where both of our priorities. That's true haircuts and food that's very fitting for both of us. Actually but yes. As i mentioned this is the week that saw the queen out side on her. I think it must have been have the engagement outside of palace since the start of the pandemic. And i think we've gotten really used to the sight of her majesty zoom and so we'll have a bit more details on those in the second but later on in the show will also be catching up with princess beatrice whose but seeing her own dyslexia experience purposes by narrating new children's book and then we'll be heading overseas to catch up with the successive brought them month of compassionate acts to an end with a few extra surprises. And we'll also be taking a look at the upcoming commemorative events for princess diana later this year including news on the dynamic. He starring kristen stewart and a new net flicks used. A call has just been announced. Or at least the netflix portion. We're looking at this podcast. I noticed there's a lot of news about new stories about diana. I was excited. I think there's this new interest after the crown recent season and so it is exciting to sort of get all these new projects announced. That really. aren't that far from also nova exactly. This summer is the is the summer that she would have turned sixty years old. And so i think her story. Her legacy is very much front of mind for everyone. And it'll be very interesting to see how the we'll family acknowledge that we know there of course plans up ahead. Potentially for william. And harry speed together to unveil a statue of the mother in the grounds of kensington palace but no further news on. What's the royals might be doing some. We'll have to wait and see but as we mentioned at the start of the show. The queen was back in action this week and well this has seen most of the royal engagements looking a little different little virtual. We saw the queen finally leaving windsor castle for special commemorative event for the hundred anniversary at the royal australian. F force headed out from windsor to sorry. That's like an hour or an hour and a half drive to the commonwealth war graves commission where she marked the founding of the f. and a wreath was laid on her behalf as a memorial there. And you know this was the queen. I guess back as we we used to seeing but with additional news confirmed by the palace she had just received has second vaccination shots so she is freely or will very soon be fully immunized and will is actually the first member of the royal family to be confirmed to be so so we think we were at the start of the year. We were just getting ready to announce the news that the queen and prince. Philip receiving shots were now seeing the sort of second second. Vaccinations come through. No doubt they'll be news on other members of the royal family soon but yeah. We saw the queen out looking spring ready wearing yellow from head to toe for the day. Very east athena no mosque but it was an outdoor event and the queen has a special relationship with the australian apple. She is of course the head of state in australia as well. And so this was something being celebrated on both sides of the weld. And she wasn't the only one prince william also his raf or his air force uniform on to deliver a speech via video message to mark the one hundredth anniversary as well.

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