Life Coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant on the Importance of Awareness in Relationships


We are joined by a very special guest. She is a renowned psychological expert. A life coach or author of the award winning mental detox. it is dr cheyenne bryant. Doctor thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. Hi dean jared. I'm excited to be here 'cause i love i love what i do which is Being an expert at giving away as is my opinion the other half obviously is my expertise. And i mean you know to get paid to do that and be able to change. Folks lives while doing that. That's the I always say that. Of course you make money doing what you do. I do but the real paycheck is seeing. These folks have breakthroughs. Seen his relationships and marriages can succeed. They're not always easy through the process of getting to some of the successful milestones and then changing the light the dysfunctional patterns that we all including myself tend to have in a lot of times. It's just that folks are not aware of it. That's the part that makes it awesome. It's not like there's this big fixing everyone thinks you have to do is just bringing awareness to a lot of people so they have an understanding of the crap that they've been doing that they weren't aware of in wide things. Continue to not work. Gotcha you say that people aren't aware what exactly are they unaware of the question. That's real good stuff so when they're not even aware of the fact that the dysfunctional countered The talk city behavior that they've been exhibiting right like all their life. Almost art from kitto into dot hood are things that continuously give them in result that they don't want

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