A highlight from Episode 67 - GUEST Harper Spivey - 91 Babies, Eating Snails and Disney Princess Cage Match


Welcome to episode sixty seven of the spivey special podcast train. How you doing over there zoom lance. Today i'm doing so good. I wish in the studio with you. Two lads but. I'm just over here you know we're doing on different either. We normally do so. Sometimes you just gotta do with what you got. We're going to town this weekend. We're going to go to the snow wa hosts miller. There's our guest harper spivey. Welcome welcome to the show harper all we this is officially our youngest guest of all time and would like the fifteenth spivey. We've had on the show. i i'm not sure maturity. Wise of she's the youngest didn't have dad but i mean actual age wise. Yeah but let's just take a short break. Let's get to know the hearts jamf right in. We need to find out a whole bunch about harper. The spivey brothers are always here but who is joining them today. Who is it. who is it. sit back and let's find out together with get to know your guest. Let's get started with gets now. Your guest harper. Are you ready for some questions. The people want to find out more about you heard a little bit about you throughout the show but let's start with some easy ones. How old are you five years old. Can you already read better than your uncle trough right rubbing answer so you're in school now. Which is exciting. Would there was a new school. built by. Our house will greater u. n. t. k. k. What is your favorite trae. Went to like four different t case. Yeah if you ever need any help arbor. I went to preschool for like four years. So i got you covered girl future tag kings. Hutchings do touching. What's your favorite part about school. Do you like recessed you like. Do you like counting which is think that. What do you do at recess and reap play. Oh that's a good on s one of my favorite things to. I thought you said you used to run around. Jc booth umbrellas had lost so she is learning her letters. And how to spell words. Can you spill cap for us. No yeah all You nailed it. Now you're the smartest you might be the smartest bulbs by by cast including without a doubt including us all right. Let's jump into some other questions. What is your favorite television show. And i know you said you had two of them that you like right now. Which ones are you into and dan. Gal go go loosely based on the book. That's the only book uncle knows eddery. What's the other show that you like right now. I do want division Now why. Do you like wanda vision. So much uncle tried to watch it and he was like what the heck is going on with. This thing is like people like wouldn't faces now. As can you explain to listeners. What wanda business all about. So it saw that. Who's on one division. It's all about superheroes which superheroes wanda invasion. What is wanda. Do line protects. One know why she made of wood. I know of would okay. Sorry i thought. I mix up my duties and elle's are harper. What's your favorite youtube show. Ankle and daddy talked about kids shows a couple episodes ago but i think we need an echo. The who adly. And what is the deal that way. So as a little girl. She just turned five thirty day and he. He's all about making videos. She likes making tons of videos every morning. She wakes up in makes that is now. What does she do these videos. This she liked. Do the laundry to. She liked voter cosco he gets plays his plays with toys and just plays brother selects so like millions of people watched as l. play with her brother. Watches me play with your dad's ask you never play with my dad. Are you kidding me. We played games all the time. Now all right her. Your are quite a bit of the mother. How many babies do you actually have have. You had add them all up between our house and mimi's house and nana's house. How many babies do you think you have. I think thirty one thirty one day one seabees. Can you tell us what their names are. Yeah when is lucy lukin lucy. How many of them are named lola. And how many of them are named luke. Old landon land laura. How many are named landon. I've met like eight. Babies named landon. Ninety ninety baby's name land so ninety of thirty babies are named landon. Yeah how do you see. All these linden's so i try telling them their names and they tell me their names Because they know how to talk because all of them are to sell their all too. So we will. I try to. I try to do everything i can. And do you. have anybody helping you. I do have lucas helping. You sometimes is very helpful without funchal. Sam yeah local. What what is what is uncle. 's name when we're all playing mimi. And papas praising albar. it's right. president. Bill barr joe. I'm in charge of the baby lab. And what you are sender stink. Oh

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