Geoff Hinton on his quest to decode learning in the brain

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To. Jeff hinton who has lived at the outer reaches of machine learning research since an aborted attempt at a carbon dri career half century ago after that brief dogleg he came back into line with his lustrous ancestors. George bull the father of bouillon logic and george everest. British surveyor general of india and epidemic of the world's tallest mountain. Jeff is one of the pioneers of deep learning and shared the two thousand eighteen turing award with colleagues yashawant. Ben gio in yanlin coon a year earlier he had introduced capsule networks and alternative to narrow networks that take into account the pose of objects in a three d world solving the problem in computer vision in which elements of an object change their position when viewed from different angles. He has been largely silent since then. And i'm delighted to have him on the podcast. We began like so many of us do today to get the teleconferencing system to work. I

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