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I think you always start this thing with the on. I swear to god you start every show with the. I just gotta preparing. My lungs has asthma and allergies. So i got a yawn. So i like stretch it out. You know what. I mean like warming up and i she ready to go. Okay alright bambi. Ready to go. Yup thanks for joining us. Focus on another episode of the open. Campus podcast good. Okay so you know. Last week we talked about being in the grind just not knowing up from down or whatever. I'm feeling this week. I'm really starting to feel it too. Junior high wrestling meets last week. Junior high and high school are now doubled up starting on monday parent meeting so my son still thinks i'm davy. Crockett deer hunter priority. I mean there's just a lot going on right picture you take a little nap in the deer stand today. He did yes he did. And that's pretty cute you know. He thinks we're out hunting deer. It's a little more than that for me but yeah it is. Yeah success now. But i mean it was a beautiful day and we got to sit there and he took a little happen i mean getting his peace and serenity just get yeah is not a lot to complain about. I am not a hunter. But i do have a couple of dear stories. I wanna tell me this is gonna be good because you know deer season so it is everywhere right watch a little nervous driving in the dark and they are everywhere right in front of me when i i saw one. Actually i'm only here. It was right by the bowling alley in here in town. So just so i have to the first one. I'm going to start with the more serious one. Because i want. I want to lighten things up. Okay because this is a fun episode. Yes yes but the first one so my middle sister mary. She doesn't talk to me. Like i have to like. Hey what's up. how are you.

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