Did the Pandemic Kill the Oscars?

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There is a lot of pre anguish about. What's going to happen during the academy awards and the conventional wisdom is that the audience will not show up and maybe we'll be half of what was last year. Maybe less than that people are talking about. Ten million people watching. It'd be an time low by fifty percent or more first of all eliza. Are you paying attention to this. Sort of industries. Fears about the telecast itself leaving aside the movies is this something that's on your mind. Yeah i mean it has been for years. The viewership has been dropping for years On all live tv events even the super bowl which typically is the one that pulls in viewers is dropping. So there's been a lot of hand wringing in a lot of attempts to re engineer this the show in ways that will get people to watch it because they're interested like they tried to introduce a best popular picture category. That didn't really get off the ground thinking that people were gonna watch that happy years ago. Right that's back to lord of the rings time no it. Two years ago they expanded the category. That was that was the chance to give laura chance to get an award and it was largely because the dark knight didn't manage to get nominated for best picture so they know they expanded that to give it ten slots that was an attempt to do the same thing in that was ten years ago. So now we're in a position where people still aren't watching. They realized that like host don't really bring people in presenters. Don't really bring people in the movies themselves. Don't really bring people in. And i keep thinking i can't imagine why anyone would watch it live. I don't watch anything live anymore. You can watch the good stuff the next day or just watch it. Go by on twitter and watch whatever it is. You would rather be seeing on netflix or something. So you know this year's awards shows have been really really low in viewership. And i would not be surprised if the oscars are the same way although they are trying to intrigue us to make us feel like this might be different. Maybe it'll be worth watching people also arguably had the chance to watch all the best picture nominees this year in a way that they didn't in the past since they've all been digital so there is a chance that more people might be interested in those movies but i think we'll still see a drop off and in my view if they really are worried about viewership for the oscars they're just going to have to rethink the whole

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