A highlight from We Made It Weird #34


You walk made it weird with the whole what's happening weirdos. Hey here's the i made you. You never wear whoa. I thought it was yours. No i made this for you for christmas. They knitted it. Why put it in here. So i'd wear always cold. It's so cute on you kid alert you hate it hate it. Say that more. Interestingly i find this weird phenomenon i oh no. Why can't lie better to you. Here's an example. Like you love the crown and i really like the crown but i try to tell you that i love the crown. Yeah and you always know that. I don't mean it. Oh yeah. And i'm like i don't understand i'm an actor. I'm saying the things that you would say like. I'm saying like oh i would watch out you are. We're going to watch the whole season severely overdo it. Because i know when you really like something. You're like. I i love to others great and like when you don't you like i'm loving. This will never stop watching this. I'm going to watch the whole series whether you're watching it or not sister. Why don't men like the crown. It is crazy. I love it some then like like it but this getting a madman. It's so fascinating but his ours. Men wearing doilies it's madman but it's about a woman. Let's just say what it is episode. We watched almost zero percent about a woman that cannot be at. That is channel. Did like it. I know i madman. Even though i love it saved show of all time probably is a soap opera. And it's like if you reduce it to its core. It's a very very good soap opera. The crown is not really a soap opera. You just haven't gotten deep enough into it. You've only watched two episodes where we're going to keep going all i remember. Is john lithgow eating soup as a very convincing once again you very is he on and more. Oh yeah the whole season one is all about john. Look like an old man like that yes. He does such winston. He's he what. I think he won an award for that. It's it's the really nursery. Yeah and of course when some shirt. I'm like i'm sure there's plenty of footage. You only need a tape-recorded and now he ate soup. But it's nice town now. It is a soap opera in the way that madman is we actually want you to watch downton abbey. But that's too much of a soap opera. The groundings soap opera in a away. That madman is where it's a real slow. Pull by season four when the the queen and her son are having a conversation. You nothing is being said but you know all the layers of psychology. That's happening but the pilot of men men the pilot of the crown ends where he's like. You need to love my daughter. And he's like okay and then they shoot birds. The end of the pilot of madman is after. You've seen him. having sex. With this one woman in the west village he goes upstate and says goodnight to his children. And you're like bats a soap opera. The ferber seem soda gallagher. Get no argument that the madman pilot is his feet of perfection but there is also more drama in the pilot of crown than you gave credit for. The king is dying of lung removed. The men for most of the episode. He doesn't even know that he is dying. It seems like he's not aware that he's dying even after they say. You're dying guys. Sorry for those crown. Spoilers that season one it's been a while over statute statute of limitations and he delimited. How many times i say statute we appreciate you listening. Thank you for listening. Just fucking pete's pick dude. Canopied involves pick and show your support. The podcast okay. Okay we got some new ones. This one is sunday. Sunday is a lawn care. Company that i break in love because lawn care is the worst not fix it felix of nada handy guy but i got myself a little patch of grass and i was tired of mosquitoes first and foremost round spots bare patches pesky weeds and nibbling grubs. It was the worst but sunday took lawn care and they made it easier than ever. I went to scan sunday. Dot com not. Sunday dot com. Get sunday dot com. I entered my home address. I thought it was gonna be a whole process. They were going to send somebody out. I was going to have to make a plan of crap. They do it completely online with the sat votes satellite photos and their free line announces took care of the rest in like seconds. It knew how big our line was in new. The soil profile for our area in new the climate and the rain pattern all that stuff and delivered us exactly what we needed and nothing more sunday uses soil and climate data to create a tailored nutrient plan to get all the stuff. Your lawn needs and nothing doesn't sunday is made with ingredients that you can actually pronounce like seaweed iron and molasses as a vegan. That sounds conspicuously like my lunch. So you can grow better and feel better about it. But i really do love it. You can specify that you have kids can specify that you have pets so they make sure you're not getting anything nasty son explains what you're getting and why and everything is waiting at your door when you need it. All i had to do was attached the ready to use pouch to a garden hose. That's f you're waiting for more. There's no more.

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