A highlight from Get Up And Dance To A Mini-Concert From Jupiter & Okwess

World Cafe


This is the world cafe. I'm rina's i hope you are ready to move your body. Take a second. make some room for yourself. Make sure you're wearing uncomfortable clothes. Maybe because you are about to be treated to a mini concert recorded live by jupiter and saturn jupiter and are fronted by jupiter kanji. Who was born. In the democratic republic of congo and while his lyrics often tackle the serious issues facing that nation the music which blends range of congolese american and european influences is undeniably danceable and fun. Jupiter and requests. Have a brand new album coming out called nakazawa. They'll be performing songs from that album. And from their twenty eighteen album. Kim sonic live for the world cafe. This is jupiter and oh ques- to america to toe quiz from congo kinshasa. We have pinning music. Fog were cuff. it is on these are these are you. He's he's oh i did. You saw these are yoko. He's oh he's talking about shooter. Who were you your did mom and not being gonna will end up on know data on a don't now by own bytedance. Got dot four lockdown by head coach. Paul not Whoa report wanted county. Kabul john bought now parts. Did the i love them too. Feed the

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