A highlight from Inspired Conversations: Ep 7 The Water


Jesus didn't just come to die. Jesus came to live to teach to heal to tell stories to protest to turn over tables to touch people who weren't supposed to be touched and eat with people who weren't supposed to be eating with to break bread to pour wine to wash feet to face temptation to tick off the authorities to fulfil scripture to forgive to announce the start of a brand new kingdom to show us the kingdom is like to show us what god is like to love his enemies to the point of death at their hands and to be death by rising from the grave. The hey everybody. I'm ashleigh and i'm kristen and i'm meredith. We want to welcome you to inspired conversations. The podcast steady of the book inspired slaying giants. Walking on water. And loving the bible again by rachel held evans. The book is available in paperback in audio. So please follow along with us. Even if you aren't reading

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